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Hardwood Installation & Maintenance Made Easy

Here at Norton Floors we strive to meet your hardwood installation and maintenance needs in and around the Twin Cities metropolitan area. We believe that your home should reflect your style, needs, and tastes. We ensure that any refinishing, installation, or stain mirrors your ideas perfectly, whether we're installing new floors or matching your existing floors, or simply repairing or re-coating your floor.

Sanding & Finish Sanding

Over time, hardwood can wear. The constant traffic, moving furniture, and the years will cause the wood to show its age. Our team of professionals can provide a flooring makeover. Skilled craftsmen take their time sanding and finishing the floor to make it look just like new. We can use the same finish or give you a new color as you redesign your home.

Maintenance Made Easy with ReCoats

Extend the life and beauty of your floors with regular maintenance, and forego extensive refinishing. A light sanding and fresh coat of finish is a great way to get more life and beauty from your floors, and the process is inexpensive and completed in a single day.

New Floors

Maybe the time has come that your old floors simply need to be replaced, or you're building a new home. No matter what material used to be where your floor is going, count on us to install brand new, beautiful floors during your remodel or as you build your house. We'll help you choose the right species, grade, cut, and size to get the results you want. We have access to every foreign and domestic wood species used for flooring.

Hardwood Floor Receiving Fresh Coat of Finish

New Residential Hardwood Floor